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Here are a few different ways that we tailor our services to fit your specific needs.

“The Buy Out”

Our most popular option is our “Buy Out” option. This option is possible when the contents of the estate hold enough value for us to pay you for your estate. With this option we offer you money for the items in your house/estate that are left after you have taken everything you want. You receive a check from us and walk away worry-free! Depending on the nature of the estate and the wishes of the family, we then conduct an on-site estate sale or an online sale. When the sale is over, we haul off the remaining items and get the house cleaned and ready for the realtor or new owner.


“The Trade”

“The Trade” is another popular option. This is the option you might be offered when the items in your house/estate hold only enough value to justify the full clean-out of that particular estate. In this case we would offer to trade you the full clean-out of your estate for the contents therein. Depending on the content of the estate and the wishes of the family, we will choose to do an on-site estate sale or an online sale, leaving it empty, clean, and ready for your next step.


“The Commission”

“The Commission” is usually the option we choose with farm/ranch estates or estates of high value. With this option we hold an estate sale or an auction sale and receive a percentage of the final sale. Percentage rates vary based on the items being sold.


“The Clean-out”

“The Clean-out” is the option we choose when the items in the estate hold little to no value compared to the costs involved in cleaning out the estate. Most of the time with this option we will not hold a sale, and you will pay us to haul any usable contents of the estate to local charities and recycling, as well as dispose of all garbage. This way you can walk away worry-free, while we take care of the “dirty work” for you! When the contract is up, the place will be realtor-ready!!


“The Downsize”

“The Downsize” option is one you may choose if you are not looking to liquidate your entire estate. For this option we may offer to pay you for the items you are needing to sell as you move into a smaller home, or are just looking to simplify life! We would then hold an online sale and our customers would come on a scheduled afternoon to pick up the items they bought online. This process usually takes 10 days to 2 weeks and we are out of your hair, leaving you with cash and room to breathe!